RV 100
RV 100

RV 100

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  • Standard RDS system
  • Aluminum side panels
  • Majolica upper top
  • Cast iron grate
  • Glass-ceramic door with border, heat resistant up to 750°C
  • Function controls with graphic display and remote control
  • Timer thermostat as standard
  • Centrifugal fan heating
  • Glass cleaning system
  • Standard programmable thermostat
  • Hopper: 55lbs
  • Efficiency: >87.5% 
  • Heat input power : 8.500 - 44.000

Ash Pan
Functional and easily accessible ash pan collects all the burned out ash.

Glass Cleaning System
A supplementary air duct over the door creates an air cushion between the flame and the ceramic glass, to keep the door glass clean for many hours of burning.

Timer-thermostat lets you program in 4 ignition times and 4 finish times so that you can make optimal daily and weekly use of the stove.

Firex 600/700
All Ravelli products have a combustion chamber made from FIREX 600/700, a vermiculite based material developed by Ravelli after long and extensive research.

A stainless steel heat exchanger means increased fire resistance and reduced wear.

Cast Majolica Body
The attractively shaped stove body is in colourful majolica for a high prestige finish and excellent heat diffusion.

RDS is Ravelli’s innovative system for automatically regulating combustion parameters and ensuring maximum efficiency and safety from your stove.
A practical and convenient remote control allows you to adjust temperature and power as required.

The recessed ambient humidifier helps improve air quality in dry rooms. Natural essences and oils can also be added to create a pleasant, relaxing environment.
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