Maritime Madness Hot Sauce

Maritime Madness Hot Sauce

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Maritime Madness

Maritime Madness creates gourmet sauces and condiments made with premium ingredients. We grow peppers on Canada's food island, Prince Edward Island -- known for it's world-class produce and red soil.

Their gourmet hot sauces are world-famous for their quality, heat, and most importantly, flavor.

Whether you're looking for something on the milder side, something super spicy to torture your taste buds, or something in-between, we've got a sauce for that!

did you know...

6 key Capsaicin Benefits

High in vitamin A, C, and the complete range of B complex vitamins
High in beta-carotene, a potent anti-oxidant
Rich in calcium and potassium making it wonderful for the heart
A blood detoxifier and have been found to reduce cholesterol
Helpful in preventing ulcers by killing bacteria you may have ingested
Good for the digestive system as well as the heart & circulatory system


*Glass bottles only