Linear Split Pane
Linear Split Pane
Linear Split Pane

Linear Split Pane

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It takes its name from the finely crafted glass view which is set inside a three inch deep, ¼" steel lintel. Unlike our Linear 50, which has a guillotine style glass door, the glass of the Linear Split Pane is divided into three panes. There is a fixed panel on either side of the centrally located door which opens discreetly on a hidden hinge. Normally a fireplace with a viewing area this large requires a 10" chimney, but this unit has a hidden secret – it requires a chimney 36% smaller. Much like a funnel will over-flow if too much water is poured in, so too, will smoke spill out of a chimney that is too small. The clever door design offers a solution to the quintessential problem of big fireplaces requiring big chimneys in order to work well. The Linear SP provides the viewing space of a massive fireplace, but offers the door size of a woodstove. 


Outside Dimensions

58 1/4"W x 63 3/4"H x 24 1/8"D

Shipping Weight

1055 lbs

Shipping Crate Size

72" W x 69" H x 33" D

Glass Viewing Size

47"W x 14 3/8"H

Firebox Dimensions

44 1/2"W x 14" D

Chimney Size

10" RIS or 8" EXCEL

Minimum Chimney Height

12' or 18'

Maximum Fuel Load

3 medium logs (6")

Maximum Log Length


Touch-up Paint

Stove Bright Metallic Black

HRS (Heat Recovery System)

Included with fireplace,
Two 10" dia. outlet ducts – 5' length
Two 10" dia. inlet ducts – 5' length

HRS Grills

Four 13 1/2" x 6" wall grills (included)

Mobile Home Approved


Door Opening Size

24" x 15.5"

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