Jack Daniels Smoking Chips


Jack Daniels

Smoking Chips

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  • Made from genuine Jack Daniel's charred white oak aging barrels
  • Adds a strong, but not overpowering, delicious flavor to your grilled or smoked food
  • Oak smoking chips with a distinctive twist leaving a hint of Jack Daniel's whiskey infused in your food
  • Expert Grill Smoker Box adds a delicious smoky flavor to food
  • Use with Jack Daniel's or any of your favorite wood chip

Enjoy the strong, but not overpowering, taste of oak smoked food with a distinctive twist by using Jack Daniel's® Wood Smoking Chips. These chips are made from the genuine charred white oak barrels the company uses to age its famous Tennessee whiskey. Some of the whiskey makes its way into the wood during the aging process and stays there when the barrel is emptied. This little bit of Jack Daniel's whiskey remaining in these oak chips adds a distinctive flavor to all of your grilled or smoked foods. For use in charcoal or gas grills and smokers. Net volume 180 cubic inches.

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