Gas Fireplace


Compact in design, the Horizon engine features a range of installation opportunities in both top and rear vent applications. Designs range from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

Clean fronts, traditional casting, and handcrafted ceramic fire beds all promote the core principle of Valor – that quality matters. Additionally, the Horizon is flexible in application as an insert or new construction fireplace.

Model Max Input  Min Input  Max Output Energuide
534JN 24,000 6,500 17,506 71.30%
534JP 24,000 13,000 17,506 71.30%


Viewing Area: 26 ½” w x 14 ¾” h = 391″²
Remote Control: ValorStat Plus Remote (GV60)
Wall Control: Wall Switch Kit

Prices START at $2,999


Traditional Logs        Rocks                   Driftwood


Red Brick                   Fluted                    Reflective                 Ledgestone


Matte Black FrontFenderFire Singe Door Front - Black with Vintage IronFenderFire Double Door Front - Black with Vintage IronEdgemont Front - Vintage IronContemporary Cast Front - BlackEdgemont Front - BronzeEdgemont Front - Brushed NickelContemporary Steel Front - BlackCast Iron Front - BlackClearview Front - Vintage Iron


   Traditional Fret (for use with 645CFV)   Contemporary Fret (for use with 645CFV)   Clearview Access Panel (for use with 645CFV)   Clearview Fret (for use with 645CFV)


Square Trim - Vintage Iron (for use with 645CFV) Square Trim - Bronze (for use with 645CFV) Square Cast Iron Surround (for use with 610:611 fronts)4-Sided Contour Trim - Black 3-Sided Contour Trim - Black Arched Cast Iron Surround (for use with 610:611 fronts)

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