Hearth Glass Creme Cleaner

Hearth Glass Creme Cleaner

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Hearth Glass Creme


Keeping your fireplace or appliance clean is an important part to maintaining both its look and safety. By using the creme glass-ceramic cleaner available from AW Perkins, you will be ensuring the best results every time you clean. Not only does the Hearth Glass cleaner easily remove soot and creosote deposits from the windows of solid fuel stoves as well as fireplace inserts, but it also makes your next cleaning easier by leaving a slippery coating behind that helps prevent grime from building up.


  • 8 oz  Hearth Glass Creme Glass-Ceramic Cleaner
  • Mild abrasive and active ingredients combine to gently remove soot and creosote deposits on glass-ceramic windows of solid fuel stoves and fireplace inserts
  • Creates a slippery layer that resists grime build-up making the next cleaning easier
  • Not for use on tempered glass fireplace doors

If you are unsure about your glass type, contact the manufacturer or your hearth products retailer. Also use on smooth top ranges, glass-ceramic cooking dishes, brushed stainless steel sinks and ceramic tile (after spot testing a very small area for compatibility). Wash cooking dishes prior to use.