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Classic Joe Modular Cart

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Classic Joe Modular Cart

Add area for food prep and storage with the Kamado Joe modular cart. This mobile cart is sleek and functional, perfect for creating a convenient work space for your Kamado Joe. With a built in charcoal bin, storage for your heat deflector and grill grate, and rotisserie storage rack, you'll find this cart adds value to your cooking experience time and time again.
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Modular Cart Features
  • Grill grate and heat deflector storage
  • Large storage compartment for additional grilling tools
  • Charcoal bin holds 20lbs of charcoal + keeps charcoal dry
  • Rotisserie storage rack on back of cart
  • Easy-roll wheels
  • Large polished stone prep table
  • Mesh rack for storing messy items / grates
  • Locking wheels
  • Magnetic "stay-closed" door
  • Weatherproof coating on all inside and outside surfaces
  • Powder coat finish