Big Green Egg XXLarge 29" IntEGGrated Nest & Handler Kit
Big Green Egg XXLarge 29" IntEGGrated Nest & Handler Kit
Big Green Egg XXLarge 29" IntEGGrated Nest & Handler Kit

Big Green Egg XXLarge 29" IntEGGrated Nest & Handler Kit

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XXLarge 29" IntEGGrated Nest & Handler Kit

2XL BGE with IntEGGrated Nest & Handler Kit* The Biggest Green Egg of them all, the unrivaled 2XL EGG can easily handle your family reunion or cookouts with large groups – and is more than large enough to satisfy restaurant and catering needs. You’ll need to gather a crowd to tackle all of the ribs, steaks and burgers this EGG can handle … all at once! You can even roast a suckling pig … explore all the culinary possibilities with the new 2XL!

Grid Diameter: 29 in / 74 cm
Cooking Area: 672 sq in / 4336 sq cm
Weight: 375 lbs / 170 kg

The 2XL EGG can cook:
35-40 burgers
14-16 whole chickens
18-20 steaks
20 mouth-watering racks of rib vertically
1 perfectly crisp suckling pig

NEW! 2XL intEGGrated Nest+Handler
The NEW Big Green Egg 2XL intEGGrated Nest+Handler merges two great products (EGG Nest and Handler) for a strong, stable, mobile base for the EGG. Featuring welded joints, there is minimal visible hardware for a cleaner look, and the curved and angled lines accentuate the iconic shape of the EGG.

Curved handle is large enough for two handed movement

Two brackets secure EGG to handler
Welded joints minimize visible hardware
Curved and angled lines accentuate the EGG form
Made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel
2 free and 2 locking casters
Packs flat, minimal assembly required. All required tools are provided in the box

CARE: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

* Kit includes Egg, Grill, New rEGGulator, ConvEGGtor Basket, Two Half Moon Stones, New Acacia Wood Mates, Nest, Convector, Ash tool and Grill Gripper


The ultimate combination of the construction, the manufacturing process and paralleled ceramics makes the Big Green Egg a very durable cooker with a longer lifespan than comparable products.

A Big Green Egg can be heated at least 100,000 times without suffering a loss in its quality, which means that an EGG will last you, at least, a lifetime, allowing you to cook ingredients and dishes in a healthy way and with exceptionally delicious results for days on end.



Depending on the recipe and cooking setup mode, different culinary needs can be achieved by using the various cooking surfaces we offer


Perhaps the most useful and important part for the Big Green Egg. The ConvEGGtor will achieve true indirect cooking turning your barbecue into a pizza oven, a smoker and a low & slow roasting machine!


The Fire Ring stacks on top of the Fire Box, providing the shelf for the ConvEGGtor and cooking grids

Image result for big green egg fire ring


Take out and reuse


The actual heat that is achieved when sustaining a charcoal fire for over 12-24 hours non-stop will reach temperatures over 1,000F

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