Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill
Baron Pellet Grill

Baron Pellet Grill

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The body of the Baron Pellet Grill 400 is constructed from 1.5 mm (16 gauge) steel, has 445 (2,871 of primary cooking space and cast iron cooking grids. It makes smoking, searing or roasting convenient and easy with a WiFi- and Bluetooth®-enabled digital controller and one-touch temperature settings.

This innovative product comes fully equipped with two electronic meat probes and a base storage. Adding power to performance is a sturdy auger with a heavy-duty motor, an 18-lb capacity pellet hopper, a removable and hidden grease tray, and an easy-to-clean burn pot.

Meat Probes

Two stainless steel electronic meat probes connect directly to the Broil King® controller allowing you to monitor not only the grill temperature but also the temperature of the food you're cooking. Watch the progress on the digital control screen or Broil King® app!

Heavy-Duty Burn Pot

The heavy-duty stainless burn pot is designed to let your Broil King® pellet grill reach a scorching 600°F (350°C); perfect for searing steak. The burn pot's venting system quite literally generates a small cyclone of searing fire. To take the heat while delivering the best possible performance, the burn pot is crafted from extra-thick stainless steel and has an overall diameter of 3.5 inches (8.89 cm).

Pellet Grill App

Download the Broil King® app for the full Broil King® pellet grilling experience. The app lets you control your grill from anywhere so you can set target cooking temperatures, start cooking programs, and even browse pellet grill recipes and FAQ's. All Broil King® Pellet Grills are Bluetooth® and WiFi-enabled, extending your signal range from your backyard to the lumber yard. If you have a cellular signal, your pellet grill is just the touch of a button away.

Baron Ash Management System

A clean burn pot ensures consistent performance and sifts ash easily into the ash catcher, which forms part of the Pellet Grill's ash management system. Regularly remove ash to for better performance. The ash sifter ensures that your burn pot is ready to perform with every cookout, without needing to remove your cooking grids and heat plates. *Patent Pending Design

Hidden Grease-Management System

Our Baron™ Pellet Grill's grease-management system is out of reach of your pets and any backyard critters. It's a safe and clean way to collect the drippings generated by the epic BBQ cookouts you'll enjoy with this pellet grill. Line it with Broil King's disposable grease tray liners, and when it's ready to be cleaned simply remove it using a Broil King® grid lifter.

Baron Digital Controller

Featuring a deluxe, WiFi and Bluetooth®-enabled appliance control panel, the Broil King® pellet grill is at the command of your fingertips. It displays the current and target temperatures for the pellet grill as well as two temperature probes. Three integrated quick-set buttons enable you to easily select a smoke, roast or grill setting while appliance-style toggle buttons let you select the temperature in either broad, 10-degree increments, or more precise, 1-degree increments. The ultra-bright, angled back-lit screen is designed to be easy to read during the day or at night.

Baron Pellet Hopper

The Baron Pellet Grill's high-capacity 18 lb (8 kg) hopper holds enough pellets to last for even a long cookout. On the back of the hopper you'll find the dump-out access hatch from where you can easily empty out the pellets when you want to change up the flavor, or simply to prepare for long-term storage of your grill.

Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grids

These grids are made from cast iron and coated with a matte, porcelain finish. They hold heat effortlessly and deliver the best sear marks for the perfect steak. On the opposite side of the grids you'll see V-shaped channels that are designed to channel drippings into the drip tray.


640 sq. in. / 4,129 sq cm total cooking space including porcelain-coated warming rack.

450 / 2,903 primary cooking space.

Steel hopper holds up to 18 lbs of pellets.

Push button design for easy and precise temperature settings.

Preset temperature buttons: smoke, roast or grill.

Two electronic meat probes.

Broil King® Pellet Grilling App.


Broil King® Premium Exact-Fit Cover 67064 fits Baron Pellet 400


We reward quality. This Broil King® features a 5-year warranty on the cookbox and a two-year warranty on parts and paint.

Should you ever require assistance, our Customer Service Professionals are just a phone call away.

North American Customer Service: 1-800-265-2150


1.5mm/16 guage steel construction

Cast-iron cooking grids

Durable steel cooking chamber

Sturdy auger with heavy-duty motor

Removable stainless steel drip tray.

Removable ash collector.

Removable hidden grease tray with disposable liners.

Burn-pot agitator for easy clean out.

Durable steel bottom shelf.

Stylish and durable stainless steel handle.

Four durable steel legs with two leg-levelers.

Two large 8"/20.3cm crack-proof wheels.

Integrated bottle opener.

Durable high-heat paint finish (600C/1,000F)