24” Gas CookTop
24” Gas CookTop

24” Gas CookTop

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Consumers have been asking for a modern off-grid range for years - Unique is now delivering on this! With a cast-iron single cooking surface, you can move your pots around safely and easily - no more worries of large spaghetti pots falling off circular wire grates... Unique's sealed burners do not allow food to fall down below, unlike open burners - this makes for a much easier cleanup... With battery ignition, no more standing pilots consuming gas all the time - much easier on the environment. 

With great looks, better functionality and a smaller environmental footprint, you'll be thrilled with these new ranges. Which would you rather cook on for the next 10 years?

The Unique stainless cooktop marries elegant, space-saving design with impeccable cooking performance – all at a great price! It’s Italian made Sabaf burners, ranging in size from 17,000 BTUs down to under 3,400 BTUs for delicate simmering, provide you with a perfect blend of power and precision. Multi-prong cast iron grates provide a single cooking surface (safety and ease of pot movement). Unique’s patent-pending dual function ignition system enables either city or off-grid capability. Available in 3 sizes, these cooktops are perfect for your home kitchen, condo living, or the cottage/cabin

Operation: Set for natural gas (NG) – comes with propane (LPG) conversion kit


Modern, elegant design
Can operate in the city (AC/DC plug-in ignition) or off-grid (battery ignition) (dual ignition system patent pending)
High quality, Italian-made Sabaf sealed burners for easy cleanup
Multi-prong grate design makes moving cookware safe and easy
Durable cast iron burner grates
Certified for use with propane or natural gas (comes set for NG, LPG orifices are included)
Cardboard template included for exact counter cut-out

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      Overall dimensions (H x W x D): 4.5” x 23.6” x 20”
      Weight: 27 lbs /12.2 kg
      Operation: Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG) - comes set for NG, LPG orifices included
      Front right: 17,000
      Front left: 10,200
      Rear right: 3,400
      Rear left: 5,800

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