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Outdoor Projects - Worth The Investment

Do you know one of the easiest way to improve your home value and marketability? Turns out Outdoor Projects may be the answer this Summer.

While they are functional and let you enjoy the great outdoors, they also also add great curb appeal to your home. As more people are looking to enjoy fresh air and spend quality time outside the house, exterior renovations can add great value to your property. Outdoor Kitchen: Cooking outside is one of the great pleasures of Summer. Your grill, smoker, griddle or other cooking appliance can easily be setup in a way that makes cooking and entertaining more enjoyable. Don't hesitate to install permanent fixtures like cabinets and an outdoor sink to your outdoor kitchen. These will give your kitchen a "built-in" look and will add to your cooking experience by preventing the need to walk inside every time you need something.

Dining Area: Dining areas are commonly found near the cooking area but don't limit yourself to a specific spot. You can setup a dining area close by on the deck or a bit further on pavers in a grassy area. Doing do will provide you with a feeling of true outdoor eating and may make you feel as if you are having a picnic right in your own backyard.

Sitting Area: This is one of the most sought after renovations during this pandemic. Not being able to socialize indoors has taken it's toll on your family and friends. Adding a sitting area will allow you to entertain in comfort while respecting the safety measures of social distancing. When you think about it, you end up entertaining in your living room when you want to relax and a sitting area furnished with a conversation set will provide you with all the comfort you are used to.

Fire Pit / Fire Table: Nothing spells Summer quite like a nice outdoor fire. Build a fire pit with stones to burn wood or add a propane fire table directly on your patio. It's an easy and cheap add-on that is sure to bring the family together.

Remember that Sunpoke BBQ and Fireplaces is your Summer Headquarters in Fredericton. We provide you with the best grills, pizza ovens and outdoor furniture to make sure you can enjoy Summer your own way. Have a question or need help building your dream patio? Our experts are available to help you with everything!! Give us a call today 506-452-8107

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