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Le Bol

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Le Bol lets you cook over an open wood fire la plancha style. Its sphere design transforms a cooking space into an exquisite outdoor social grilling experience. Designed to stay outside and to cook all year long, Le Bol generously radiates heat for cool weather grilling.

An experience unlike any other, Le Bol is a natural focal point for good friends, family and food.  

  • Fresh air is fed from the fire bowl
  • Replaceable steel liner with 220 air injection holes
  • Hot, crackling fire without the smoke, but all the flavor
  • Hotter fire because it’s burning more efficiently


Bowl Height

12 3/8" H

Pedestal dimensions

23 1/2" H

Total Assembly dimensions (with grill and pedestal)

41 7/8" D x 42" H

Grill dimensions

19 1/2" D x 6 3/16" H

Grill properties

304 stainless steel, 3/8" thick, with removable handles

Cook Plate (Carbon Steel)

40" diameter x 1/2" thick with non-stick properties (after seasoning)

Exclusive to specialty Hearth Retailers
10 year warranty