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  • Forno Deluxe Garden Set


    MORSØ FORNO DELUXE GARDEN SET Morsø Forno Garden is a grill and pizza oven on a large outdoor table on wheels. This gives you a working area and the ability to move the table around the patio. There is plenty of room for decorative firewood, herbs and the most important utensils, so that they are always at hand. Morsø Forno Garden is for anyone who values good f ...

  • Margherita Pizza Oven & Cart


    Margherita Pizza Oven & Cart Fontana's smallest, residential, woodfired pizza oven, the Margherita was designed from the ground up to cook perfect, Italian wood-fired pizza. The Margherita heats up its floor surface to 750°F in just 30 minutes, allowing you to create pizza cooked to perfection on the wood-fired stone. Consuming 5x less wood than a traditiona ...

  • Le Bol


    LE BOL GRILL FRIENDS. FAMILY. FOOD. Le Bol lets you cook over an open wood fire la plancha style. Its sphere design transforms a cooking space into an exquisite outdoor social grilling experience. Designed to stay outside and to cook all year long, Le Bol generously radiates heat for cool weather grilling. An experience unlike any other, Le Bol is a natural foca ...