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  • 12.5-kW Home Standby Generator


    12.5-kW HSB GENERATORwith Reliance 200-Amp Whole House Switch Champion’s 12.5-kW Whole House Home Standby Generator system provides 24/7 power for your entire home and peace of mind for you. This fully automatic unit is the quietest-in-class and never needs refueling. Designed to operate in sub-zero temperatures or extreme heat, this unit has a 10-year limited wa ...

  • Gyrofocus Suspended Fireplace


    GYROFOCUS SUSPENDED ROTATING FIREPLACE This seminal design, created by Dominique Imbert in 1968, was the first suspended, 360° pivoting, natural vent fireplace. It was revolutionary as much for its technical design as its groundbreaking style. Its ease of installation and heat efficiency have also contributed to make this fireplace the signature model and symbol ...

  • Charcoal Rub


    FOGO CHARCOAL RUB The Essence of Charcoal Grilling Bring out the best in chicken, beef, pork and steaks. The FOGO Charcoal Rub enhances both the flavor and texture of the protein or vegetable you are cooking and takes it to the next level. On top of that the bold black color will be a talking point all dinner long as you try to explain to your guests that: no, t ...

  • Honey Hog Hot BBQ Rub 14oz


    Meat Church Honey Hog Hot BBQ RUB   This BBQ rub says, "I was born in the south, but moved to Texas when I was 13!!" This rub is an offshoot of the popular Honey Hog with Jalapeño added. This sweet\heat rub is excellent on pork ribs, pulled pork, poultry and fish. Combine it with Honey Hog BBQ and you have a lethal combo for ribs that is making waves all over ...

  • Holy Voodoo BBQ Rub 14oz


    Meat Church HOLY VOODOO BBQ RUB   Holy Voodoo gets its roots from cajun cuisine and is more savoury than some of the other sweet-profile Meat Church rubs, and has a touch of back-end heat. Holy Voodoo is great on poultry, ribs, vegetables and more. It is fantastic on both fried and smoked turkeys. Meat Church Ambassadors have already been winning ribs and chicken ...

  • Fajita Seasoning 14oz


    Meat Church FAJITA SEASONING What day is it? Día de la fajita (Day of the FAJITA)!!! "We live in Texas so we know fajitas. We eat authentic Tex-Mex good constantly. We worked with respected chefs and pitmasters until we perfected the right formula. We hope you are going to love this authentic southwestern fajita seasoning with a hint of citrus. " - Meat Church In ...