Pellet Stoves

Why choose a pellet stove?

Opting for a pellet stove means using a cheap and environmentally-friendly fuel, but above all very convenient.

Maximum yield

It is cost-effective, because it assures extremely high yields against a cost that is decidedly lower than fossil fuel (it is about 25% cheaper than natural gas and twice cheaper than diesel fuel). Furthermore, pellet stoves fall within the tax benefits and incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy and purchasing them is even more affordable.

Cleaner combustion

Pellet stoves are also excellent from an environmental point of view, because they are designed to assure effective and clean combustion, with over 90% yield and emission levels among the lowest on the market.

Easy to use

Opting for pellets also means convenience and ease of use. It is also bought at supermarkets in convenient bags, it is not messy and produces less ash than wood. Finally, pellet stoves have the great advantage of being able to operate automatically, adjusting switching on and off according to one’s needs. Pellet stoves are actual miniature heating systems, they are able to heat several rooms, ducting hot air or heating water in radiators and bathrooms.