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  • PHO 1S Patio Heater


    PHO 1S MARTIN PATIO HEATER Patio heater with electronic starter. Safety tilt switch will shut off gas if heater leans or tilts to an unsafe angle. Will operate up to 20 hours from a common barbecue 20 lb cylinder. Specifications: Low-fire burner lighting Safety tilt switch will shut off gas if heater tilts or leans to an unsafe angle Will operate up to 20 hour ...

  • Skyfire™ 11 Patio Heater


    SKYFIRE™ 11 for Table Tops This sleek designed table-top patio heater is both portable and easy to use. With it's 10,000 BTU's you can be sure you and your guests will be able to enjoy an extended time outdoors. Uses 1lb propane bottle. BTU's : 11,000Dimensions: 41" H x 21" W x 21" D PROTECTED BURNER The burner is protected from the elements and wind gusts by ...

  • Skyfire Bellagio™ Cover


    SKYFIRE BELLAGIO™ COVER PRODUCT FEATURES 3 years limited warranty Durable, Water-Resistant Fabric Air Vents and Hanging Loops Protect your Bellagio™ SKYfire Series patio heater with this Premium Cover. The durable, water-resistant fabric won't crack, and the improved UV inhibitors provide superior fade resistance. For year round, full weather protection for you ...

  • Skyfire Bellagio Patio Torch


    SKYFIRE BELLAGIO™ PATIO TORCHwith Tall Flame The Bellagio™ Patio Torch is a 360 degree art form that can be enjoyed 365 days of the year. The Bellagio™ provides cozy mood lighting from an attractive single, luminous four foot flame. The uniquely designed patio torch meets the demands of today's modern lifestyle and is a perfect accent for pools, decks and outdo ...

  • DIR Series Infrared Heaters


    DIR Series Infrared Heaters The precision-engineered Ceramic Glass Infrared Heater provides premium performance that heats as beautifully as it looks. Schott Nextrema® ceramic tinted glass combines high-temperature, thermal shock and chemical resistance, excellent infrared transmission, non-porous surface and attractive design. And with full heating power avail ...