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  • Co-Mate


    CO-MATE WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CO-MATE? Co-Mate does much more than simply clean your chimney Co-Mate itself is non-polluting and helps to promote a cleaner environment around your home. When used regularly, Co-Mate reduces particulate emissions and annoying odors leaving your chimney. It also neutralizes the acidity of ash and over time protects your chim ...

  • Kleer View Glass & Hearth Cleaner


    GLASS & HEARTH CLEANER Take advantage of the extra muscle in this tough hearth cleaner. Kleer View Glass & Hearth Cleaner dissolves creosote buildup, soot and grime on the windows of any wood fired heating appliance. Just spray it on and wipe it off, letting the cleaner to the work. Great for use on wood stoves or wood burning fireplaces. This can be us ...

  • Glass Cleaner


    WOOD APPLIANCE GLASS CLEANER Recommended for cleaning the glass of any type of wood-burning appliance.

  • Pellet Glass Cleaner


    PELLET GLASS CLEANER   Features This glass cleaner is recommended for cleaning the glass of any pellet appliance. The most maddening part of operating any stove can be the clouding or total obstruction of the stove's window or viewing glass. Pellet stoves are no different than any other stoves in that sense, which is why SBI Glass Cleaner is such a popular pr ...

  • Hearth Glass Creme Cleaner


    Hearth Glass Creme   Keeping your fireplace or appliance clean is an important part to maintaining both its look and safety. By using the creme glass-ceramic cleaner available from AW Perkins, you will be ensuring the best results every time you clean. Not only does the Hearth Glass cleaner easily remove soot and creosote deposits from the windows of solid fuel s ...