BBQ Competition - Saturday September 21st

BBQ Competition - Saturday September 21st

Aug 29 , 2019


Presented by Sunpoke Energy Systems at River View Orchards
Sunday, September 22nd

This competition is being held in conjunction with a two-day Fall Fair family event at River View Orchard in Keswick Ridge, NB. Although not an officially sanctioned BBQ competition, we will be following guidelines typically used throughout North America. The judging panel will consist of 3-5 local chefs, event sponsors and other members of the community.

Entrance fee is $150 per team, with teams consisting of no more than four (4) people in total, comprised of the “Pitmaster” (head cook) and up to three assistants. Teams are responsible to provide their own meats, but we are exploring options for discounts and/or charitable donations that may help with meats costs, and will advise as soon as possible if we have been successful in this regard. Alternatively, teams are welcome to procure their own sponsorships if they wish.

We will be judging teams based on their preparation of up to three individual meats – Pork Ribs, Pork Butt and Beef Brisket – with scores from each individual meat category contributing to a team’s overall score for the Grand Champion award. Teams may choose to do one, two or all three individual meat categories.

Each meat category will be scored by all judges on three attributes – Appearance, Texture and Taste – with each attribute receiving a score from 1 to 9, where 1 is very poor and 9 is excellent. The three attribute scores from each judge will then be totalled for each team in every meat category. The three highest scores in each category will determine the Top 3 teams, for which prizes will be awarded.
For teams entering more than one meat category, their final scores in each category will be added together, with the team having the highest combined score declared the Grand Champion.

Additionally, there will be a separate People’s Choice award chosen by the general public for “Signature Smoked”, (your tried and true, go-to recipe), in which all teams are required to compete. This category will be determined by paper ballot, so teams will need to have plenty of samples for people to taste. The results of this award will not be added to the overall tally for the Grand Champion award.

Turn-in Times: Pork Ribs 1:00 PM Pork Butt 1:30 PM Beef Brisket 2:00 PM

Other Notable Times: Public Sampling and Paper Balloting ends at 2:30 PM
Winners announced in all categories starting at 3:30 PM

Turn-in boxes will be provided, and each team must prepare enough of each meat for all judges to be able to sample. Garnish is optional (supplied by each team), but may only include lettuce, parsley, kale or cilantro. Sauce is also optional, but may only be applied to the meat directly, i.e. no containers of sauce allowed in the box.

Boxes will be turned in at a designated table away from the judges, with teams selecting a random number at the time of turn-in which will be written on their boxes (no other writing will be allowed). Thus, judges will sample and score each box blindly; a master list will be kept separately and confidentially which will identify teams and their numbers for each meat category.

Ribs to be turned in with “bone in”; Pork Butt will be at the discretion of each team; Brisket boxes must contain at least one full slice per judge, and other cuts of meat may also be added to the Brisket box.

Check-in for all teams will begin at 3:00 PM on Saturday, September 21st, with at least one member of each team required to attend. Organizers will, at this time, provide any further rules and clarification as required. Once a team has been shown to the competition area and their specific space, they can begin their set up, including lighting their smokers. For Sunday, teams are welcome to arrive at 8:00 AM.

Each team will need to be self-sufficient, i.e. responsible for their own requirements such as water, electricity (generators allowed), refrigeration for perishable food items, cleaning/disinfecting/hand washing station, garbage removal, etc.

Registration is required in advance; please direct team information and questions by email to Blake Stewart at

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